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Job Advert Tips

Your job advert is competing with hundreds of others. What you write and how you write it will make a big difference to the response you get.

Use our experience to get results:

Job title
Take care over your job title. It's the first - and often only - thing candidates will see. Make sure it describes the role, and if possible, the field of work. For example, 'Events Administrator in PR' is likely to get more interest than 'Administrator'.  Keep it factual though. Candidates are put off by job titles that read 'Earn £££££'s' etc.

Offer a decent starting salary (we recommend a minimum of £17,000) and state it explicitly in your advert. Candidates are wary of jobs where there is no salary information. Don't offer a salary dependent upon experience as this may discriminate against younger candidates.

Training and development
Candidates look for training and development opportunities. Tell candidates what they can expect. It doesn't have to be a formal training programme but some indication of your commitment to training and development will attract candidates.

Be clear where the job is located - it's often a deciding factor for candidates. Please don't specify where candidates should live - we think that if they meet your criteria, that's for them to decide.

You know what you want from candidates but have you been clear about what you can offer in return? List the benefits you offer - they don't have to be monetary - it could be free parking, flexible working etc.

Common pitfalls

We believe that recruitment should be fair.

We operate a rigorous quality assurance process and decline adverts if they are potentially unfair or discriminatory.

The most common pitfalls are:

  • Offering a salary that is dependent upon experience
  • Requiring that candidates have X years experience
  • Describing ideal candidates as young, mature, energetic etc
  • Requiring very specific qualifications without stating 'or equivalent'
  • Requiring candidates to hold a driving licence if it isn't absolutely essential to the role
  • Requiring candidates to live in a particular location
  • Requiring candidates to regularly join in out of work social activities
The Equalities and Human Rights Commission publishes guidance about fairness and anti-discriminatory practice in recruitment.

We don't accept recruitment adverts for...

  • Commission only jobs - if you have a post with OTE, you must state the basic salary.
  • Pyramid selling schemes.
  • Franchises.
  • Any opportunity that asks for an up front payment from candidates.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Unpaid internships.
  • Overseas gap year opportunities - either paid or unpaid (including TEFL).
  • Positions for students to share academic material or study notes.
  • Advertisements that contain premium rate telephone numbers.
  • Competitions.
  • Vacancies for individuals based in private homes unless placed by a registered agency.
  • Multiple postings for a single vacancy.
  • Registering with recruitment agencies - we will only accept specific vacancies.
  • Vacancies that Gradsouthwest believes to be in breach of (or potentially in breach of) any aspect of UK employment legislation.
  • We require all recruiters to submit a full postal address.  
Please note that we reserve the right to edit or withdraw vacancies in which case we aim to notify you, but due to the high volume of vacancies, this isn't always possible.