5 Jobs You Can Do with an English Degree

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Unlike vocational qualifications such as a medical or law degree, which train you for certain job roles, a degree in English is far more open to a range of opportunities and the skills learned can be used within several careers – it may just mean you have to hunt around to find a role that suits you best.

Here are five jobs you can do with an English degree under your belt:

1.  Copywriter

Now companies seem to be transferring most aspects of their business online, the need for copywriters is on the rise. A copywriter in simple terms, fits somewhere in between a creative writer and an advertiser. You will be expected to write up information intended to be read by prospective clients, as well as writing up copy for social media advertising and campaigns. If you consider yourself a creative individual, this is an option you should definitely investigate.

2. Teacher

Although you will need a PGCE and some prior work experience in this field upon completing your English degree, teaching is one of the most popular routes to go down for English graduates. Not only is it a job in which you can progress, but you can also transfer your knowledge and skills onto others; which is always a great feeling. You don’t have stick to the typical primary or secondary school teaching either if that isn’t of interest to you. Instead, you may opt to teach in colleges or universities; the latter of which you will need to go on to study a master’s degree. Or, why not go travelling abroad and teach English as a foreign language?

3. Media and Journalism

What’s great about starting a career in media is that it’s extremely flexible and you may have the opportunity to move around different sectors. One of the most obvious career paths for English graduates in the media industry would be to start off in journalism – for example as an article writer for newspaper or magazines, or perhaps advertising in PR.

It would be worth bearing in mind that careers in this sector are extremely competitive, therefore it would be advised to take on a placement In the field before your degree comes to an end, so you have real-world experience to add to your CV. Doing so should stand you in good stead when applying for roles in the media industry.

4. Publishing

Due to the fact that the digital world has taken over physical copy, publishing companies are becoming much smaller in size and far and few between – however, many firms are still seeking new graduates who are able to bring fresh, new ideas to aid them in progressing forward. Upon joining a publishing company, you may have the opportunity to work in areas such as administration, production, sales or public relations.

5.  Business communications

You may never have considered business as a possible career route, but the skills you learnt whilst studying an English degree are highly transferable in the business world. During your studies, you should have mastered the valuable skill of being able to write and communicate thoughts effectively, which is extremely important when it comes to dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis.

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