Forget the Gloom - Recruiters are Hiring!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

With the media awash with gloomy predictions for graduates, you probably believe that things look bleak for your graduate career.

Negative headlines have prompted many graduates to delay their entry into an uncertain job market with postgraduate study. Others have given up altogether.

But things are not as desperate as they may seem. Things are undoubtedly tougher than in previous years, but we have consistently had jobs and seen a genuine resurgence of vacancies during November. Ironically, some companies are now funding it hard to recruit because candidates have been put off even looking. 

"Enthusiastic, skilled graduates are in demand"

Competition in the south west has never been as fierce as in London, and with many potential candidates now put off, enthusiastic, skilled graduates are in demand.

It’s important to remember that your first job does not have to be your forever job. If your first job is reasonably interesting and helps you to develop key transferable skills, it’s a good opportunity. Very few graduates join the big graduate schemes, and even fewer work for the big names like Apple. 

If you see a job you like the look of, you should put in an application even if you don’t meet all the criteria. Make sure you follow the instructions in the advert (many candidates don’t which automatically rules them out) and always submit a covering letter if asked to. Follow this simple guidance and you will already be in a much stronger position than many applicants.

For more tips, it’s worth checking out our blogs on The 5 Big Mistakes Graduate Candidates Make4 Reasons Why You Should Write a Covering Letter and Top 10 CV Tips from a Recruiters Perspective.  

In summary, don’t believe everything you read, be flexible and take a proactive approach and you’ll find that the graduate job market still has much to offer.

Good luck!