Four Reasons Why You Should Write A Covering Letter

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

If you're applying for a job by CV, you should always include a covering letter. Here's why:

#1. It shows you can be bothered.

Most job boards allow you to submit a standard CV with the touch of a button. This might be super efficient but it does nothing to demonstrate that you really want the job. Show your enthusiasm for the role and courtesy to the recruiter by taking the time to write a covering letter that is specifically tailored to the role.

#2. You can highlight your skills.

Show that you are a good match for the vacancy by referencing some of the key skills they ask for in the advert. Just pick one or two and give an example of how you developed these skills. For example; "combining my degree studies with a demanding part time job developed my time management skills. I pride myself on never missing a deadline." 

#3. Recruiters want you to.

Most of the time recruiters will ask explicitly for a covering letter. It is astonishing how often candidates ignore this. As Rhys Barnes-Smith, Project Manager for STEM Graduates into Business says "Failing to include a covering letter is a common mistake. This is your opportunity to tell the organisation why you want to work for them and how your skills and experience make you the best candidate for the role."

#4. Because you can.

Company application forms don't tend to require a covering letter and rarely give you space to express why you are applying. A covering letter gives you an extra opportunity to impress. Use it!

If we've convinced you to write a covering letter, remember: save it with a sensible file name, address and sign off correctly (Google is your friend here), and always get someone to proof read it for you. 

We wish you every success!