Getting experience… it’s not too late for this summer!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

You don’t need to work all summer, but a couple of week’s volunteering in an area to support your careers goals (or help you find out what you want to do) can’t be a fortnight wasted. And you’ll be doing good for others too.

Want to be a teacher? Or work in sports? Volunteer for a kid’s holiday camp. It’ll give you experience working with children.

Want to work in environment? Conservation projects are always looking for volunteers, and you can add practical skills to your academic ones.

Web developer? Voluntary groups often require volunteer web editors.

Interested in event management or arts and culture? Festivals need volunteers every summer, as do museums.

This is where being creative comes in. Not all volunteering activities have to tie directly to the career you want, but by developing relevant skills you up your chances of securing your dream job.

Want to be an accountant? OK more difficult to get direct relevant volunteer experience (if you haven’t already applied for a summer internship)… but anything customer facing you can use to talk about customer service in an interview.

Not sure you believe us?

A CIPD survey found that many employers recognise some of the key skills that can be developed as a result of participation in social action, with 67% reporting that entry-level candidates who have voluntary experience demonstrate more employability skills. The top three skills cited by respondents were teamwork (82%), communication (80%) and understanding the local community (45%). (

OK – we’ve convinced and inspired you… now go: