Getting in the Right Frame of Mind for a Successful Interview

Monday, September 23, 2019

While employment in the UK reached a record high in early 2019 with 853,000 job vacancies available, there’s a good chance that you’ll get the opportunity to head in for an interview sooner rather than later. However, being interviewed isn’t always easy, and while there are resources to prepare yourself for one, it can still be difficult to get into the right frame of mind for an interview. With that being said, there are many ways that you can prepare to ensure that your interview goes smoothly from start to finish.

Calming your nerves 

Getting the opportunity to have an interview is exciting news, especially if it’s for a job you’ve been wanting your whole life. However, many people find the process of an interview to be a nerve inducing and highly stressful experience, which is why calming your nerves can do wonders to help put you in the right mindset for the interview itself. Many people choose to meditate to unwind and relax, which is a great way to sort out your thoughts, clear your mind, and take a minute or two to breathe. Taking the time to meditate the night before or the day of the interview can sort out any last-minute jitters that you may have and is best when done in a quiet room or space. And, if you don’t find meditation appealing, other activities such as having a hot cup of tea, getting a massage, or doing something you enjoy (like drawing or painting) can also help to relieve stress and calm nervousness.

Practice makes perfect

Practising for your interview might sound strange, but it can help get you to get into the right mindset by mocking the interview yourself. This can be a great way to work out any nervousness you may have and can give you confidence as well as a sense of preparedness - making you the ideal candidate. One of the best ways to mock an interview is to grab a friend or family member and have them ask you commonly asked interview questions. Not only can this get rid of any nervousness that you may have surrounding the interview, but can allow you to think about your responses and the best way to respond. Don’t be afraid to do your research on those tricky questions, and write out your ideal answer ahead of time, as this can help to give you a sense of how you can best answer.

Dress for success

It goes without saying that an interview should be based on your personality, skills, experience, and how you answer the interviewer’s questions - though it’s important to remember that you’ll likely be judged on appearance as well. After all, while you may not judge a book by its cover, the cover may influence whether or not you read it, among other things. The same is true for an interview, as to how you are dressed can tell many things about yourself as a person. How you dress can also put yourself in the right frame of mind for the interview, so ironing your clothes, wearing the appropriate attire, and putting on your best shoes can all make a difference. In fact, studies show that dressing well can have a drastic impact when it comes to boosting your self confidence - which can lead to not only having a great day in general but a successful interview, too.

Interviews can be stressful, and even nerve-wracking, which can make it extremely difficult to get into the right frame of mind and have a good interview. However, by diminishing the nerves and gaining confidence through how you dress, practising, and meditating, you’re sure to give a great interview no matter what the job position may be.