Grads Love Bristol

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Graduate Jobs in Bristol

Last night Gradsouthwest attended the University of Bristol's first Grads Love Bristol event aimed at supporting students who want to stay in the city after graduation.
From our discussions with over 70 students on the night, there appears to be a genuine desire amongst attendees to stay in the city or the South West more generally. Some of the students we spoke to were originally from the South West, and they really did want to remain in the region - either in Bristol or returning 'home' (often for financial reasons of being able to live with parents). Many of those who had moved to Bristol from outside the region to study have fallen in love with Bristol and don't want to leave. So it is true, grads really do love Bristol!
To support this snapshot, a recent study undertaken by the University showed 46% of University of Bristol students want to stay in the city after graduation; and almost 20% of their recent graduates who are working in the UK are actually based in Bristol 6 months after graduation. 
This provides a massive talent pool for businesses looking to take on recent graduates - with over 10,000 new graduates coming from the 4 local Universities (Bath, Bath Spa, Bristol, & UWE) every year.

Bristol Labour Market

The trend towards a more highly skilled workforce is particularly marked in Bristol. Data for the West of England that includes the City of Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire gives a working age population for the area of 707,100 (2013 figures) and is projected to increase to 770,000 by 2037. 43.4% are educated to degree level (NVQ4+) making Bristol a 'knowledge city'. [1]
The largest industrial sectors by employment in the West of England are:
• Health, 
• Education and 
• Retail, 
between them accounting for more than one in three jobs in the area (35%). 
Despite long-term decline in importance, the manufacturing sector is still significant in the West of England, employing over 39,000 staff (7.3%). 
Other large service sectors in the local economy are:
• Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities, 
• Business Admin & Support Services, and 
• Hospitality.
If you are interested in seeing current entry level graduate jobs in the area then CLICK HERE.