It's our birthday! 17 today!

Friday, June 1, 2018

It's our birthday! We are 17 years old today.

We were formed back in 2001 following a conversation on a train between the Heads of Careers at the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth (thanks Ian and Mark). They took the concept to all the region's University Careers Heads and Gradsouthwest was born with the aim of helping students and graduates get jobs in the region.

To this day, Gradsouthwest remains dedicated to retaining graduates in south west England for both the benefit of the graduates and of the region's employers.

By raising awareness of the opportunities available in south west England, we help employers in the region recruit the talented students and graduates they need for their businesses, and we help those students and graduates that want to remain in the region stay here - and let's be honest, who'd not want to live and work in such a lovely part of the world.

So, Happy Birthday to Gradsouthwest - long may we continue to serve the region, our employers and graduates. 

Now let's celebrate! Time for you to either get a new member of staff or to find a job.