LinkedIn for recent graduates

Friday, August 2, 2019

What is LinkedIn and is it useful for recent graduates? Is it ‘just’ another social media site? Well, it is really more of an on-line professional network than a social media site; but it is a definite a yes for being useful for recent graduates.

LinkedIn connections are professional connections: they are people you do, or might do business with. It’s not about friends and family. Posts are work, career, skills and professional development related. Posts are about business, sales, jobs and non-professional content is frowned upon.

Your Profile

Your profile is basically an on-line digital CV. Utilise this:

  • Craft a good Headline
  • Have a professional looking Profile Picture
  • Make a good impression, with quality content and a professional outlook
  • Use your LinkedIn address on business cards / signature blocks / e-profiles – as when you hand / send them out, you are effectively providing a link to your CV

Finding a job via LinkedIn

We have seen a growing number of employers now enabling functionality on their own job application sites for you to make job applications using your LinkedIn profile directly.

There are also numerous jobs advertised in LinkedIn – so don’t miss out on seeing them. Although of course we’d prefer you use or :-)

Using LinkedIn for Research

Look at employers’ own LinkedIn pages to find out about them and the staff that have worked for them / currently work there. What does their LinkedIn presence make you feel about them and their brand?

You might also discover someone you know used to work there – so contact them and get inside info on the company.


If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile go set one up now. And then follow our LinkedIn company page.