Struggling to find a graduate job? You’re not alone!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The pandemic has had a huge impact the graduate job market. Whilst some press reports remain relatively optimistic, a quick scan of graduate job boards shows that opportunities have dramatically reduced - at least for the time being.

While this is bad news for graduates, it does tell you three things:

#1 The availability of graduate jobs is currently beyond your control

#2 It is not your fault if you can’t find a graduate job 

#3 You are not alone

Remind yourself of this when things seem bleak, and use your time productively so that you are one step ahead when things pick up. 

Now is a good time to:

#1 Identify and articulate the skills you developed on your undergraduate course - you can do this quickly and easily with our partner Occumi.

#2 Craft a brilliant generic CV and covering letter, ready for tailoring at a later date

#3 Check out our tech tips for online interviews

#4 Use any free time to volunteer or develop a new skill using one of the many free online courses

#5 Stay in touch with your university careers services and alumni team - with the move to online services, this has never been easier.

#6 Set up job alerts with all the relevant job boards - including Also, follow Gradsouthwest on Facebook - during the pandemic, we will be actively looking for and sharing graduate jobs regardless of where they are advertised as part of our commitment to graduates. 

We can’t predict when the graduate job market will recover, but know you’re not alone and that this too, will pass. Good luck!