Web interviews… how to look good with 6 simple tech tips

Monday, March 30, 2020

1 Eye Level

Make sure you are sat at eye-level with your webcam/camera – looking down on your laptop means everyone else is looking up your nose! If that means propping up your whole laptop – do it. No-one can see what it is on.

2. Look at the Camera

Make sure you look at the webcam - not at the device screen. Even this small change makes you look better as you make better eye contact.

3. Blue Light

We’ve all heard blue light from electronic devices can harm your sleep – well it also makes you look blue. Reduce the blue light setting on your device if you can. You’ll look a much more natural colour.

4. Room Lighting

Avoid back-lighting as it’ll turn you into a silhouette. Light yourself from the front – preferably with a warm light (see 4.) or day light if possible.

5. Sound

Any improvements you can make to your sound the better. Whether that’s using a lapel microphone, a headset or simply eliminating as much background noise as possible then do it. Learn how to mute and unmute.

6. Back Drop

Be aware of what is behind you! Some platforms enable you to use auto-backgrounds, virtual backgrounds, or to blur what is behind you. If you can’t do that then simply make whatever is behind look more business-like and professional.

And finally, good luck with that video interview – you’ve got this.