Creative Industries

The south west is recognised nationally for its vibrant creative industries sector. It employs over 50,000 people and is a hotbed of creative and digital media, with modern state of the art audio-visual production facilities. There is also a dynamic arts, crafts and music scene.
Established media clusters in Plymouth, Gloucestershire and Bristol offer growth and innovation opportunities. A wide range of high quality business incubation and business support services are available in recognition of the creative industries need for flexible working environments.

Skills shortages

Recent research has highlighted a number of skills shortages and gaps in the sector which are listed below. Such gaps provide opportunities for graduates to fill. It stands to reason that if you can develop the skills that are in short supply you will enhance your employment prospects.

Photo imaging

  • Use of digital technology
  • Knowledge of digital flow work
  • Management of digital assets


  • Management and leadership skills
  • Creative and technical content production


  • Broadcast technology skills
  • Management and leadership skills


  • Team working skills
  • Oral communication skills
  • Customer handling skills

In addition, the Sector Skills Council for the Creative and Cultural Sector highlighted a plethora of skills needs as follows:

Advertising: IT and digital skills, sales, management, creativity skills.
Craft: Customer service, networking, presenting, business administration, business management, costing and pricing, creative making skills, negotiation and advocacy.
Cultural heritage: Leadership, management, visitor and customer service skills, education and interpretation and fundraising skills.
Design: IT and digital, business management skills, creativity, freelance skills, technical drawing skills and project management.
Music: Management (particularly around contract and management and intellectual property), IT and digital, marketing and sales.
Visual and performing arts and literature: IT and digital, business management, networking, costing and pricing, negotiation and fundraising skills.

Talk to your careers service about how you can best develop these skills; the careers service may offer training in key transferable skills and may be able to signpost you to more specialised training opportunities in your area.