Information, Data and Communications Technology

The south west has a long history of technological innovation and, combined with a modern communications infrastructure, this makes the region the location of choice for world class information communication technology (ICT) companies.

The south west region supports the ICT sector through its significant research and development capabilities, skills availability, rapid transport connections, illustrious academic knowledge transfer and effective networking opportunities.

This contributes to the regions strengths in wireless connections, photonics, semiconductors, software, supercomputing and grid environments.

ICT research activities are clustered in universities at Bath, Bournemouth, Exeter, Plymouth and the West of England.

Businesses are supported through flexible and innovative incubation centres across the region.

Skills shortages

Skills shortages represent opportunities for graduates; it stands to reason that if you can develop the skills that are in short supply, you will enhance your employment prospects.

Recent research indicates that employers find it difficult to fill the following roles:

  • Software engineers
  • Technical support
  • System designers
  • Programmers
  • System developers
  • ICT managers