Fleet Marine Engineer

Job Description

A Graduate Fleet Marine Engineer is sought by Keynvor Morlift Ltd, a marine contractor, in the idyllic Appledore in Devon. The graduate will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation, maintenance and repair of the main machinery. This is permanent, well-paid role is part of the GBP scheme.


KML is a UK based integrated marine contractor with our own fleet, assets and labour force. With a heritage and portfolio in specialist and general merchant vessel operations, marine civil contracting and Tidal / Wave Energy Converter installations, operations and maintenance, the company has ambitious plans for growth in all three of these subsectors.

KML specialises in shoreline, coastal and offshore marine services with a wealth of amphibious and heavy lifting experience ranging from marine renewable energy construction projects to project cargo, marine civil engineering, subsea and salvage operations and many more offshore and specialist marine services.



The graduate FME shall be responsible to the Superintendent and shall undertake duties as allocated by him. The graduate may be employed in ‘repair and maintenance’ or sea-going roles, as required by the Superintendent.

Operation and Maintenance of Machinery

The FME is particularly responsible to the Superintendent for the safe and efficient operation, maintenance and repair of main machinery and all items of auxiliary machinery including electrical installations in conjunction with electrical / electronic experience available within KML or through contractors.

The maintenance of all machinery and equipment is to be completed as per the schedule set down in the Company planned maintenance system and as directed by the Superintendent. Any defects in equipment are to be brought immediately to the attention of the Superintendent.

Administration of the Engineering Department

The FME is responsible to the Superintendent for the daily running of the engineering department in conjunction with the other engineers on board and ashore with reference to routine maintenance and operating duties as practised in KML vessels. The graduate must ensure that work is carried out safely and efficiently and give every assistance to these men to increase efficiency and cost control.

Familiarity with Control, Piping and Electrical Systems

The FME must familiarise themselves with all control, piping systems and valves and electrical systems, so that in emergencies essential services can be restored quickly and safely.

Supervision of Maintenance and Repair Work

The FME is to ensure that all operations carried out in the engineering department are adequately supervised

Spare Gear

The FME is responsible to the Superintendent for ensuring that all spare gear is correctly stowed, labelled and maintained in an efficient state of preservation. The graduate will be responsible for advising the Superintendent of spare gear requirements.

Repair Lists

The FME is to assist the Superintendent in the preparation of repair lists.

Electrical Equipment

The FME is to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of all electrical equipment, utilising the electrical / electronic experience available within KML or through contractors.

Instruction to Junior Staff

Subject to the requirements of the Superintendent, the FME is to give every assistance to junior staff in the advancement of their studies, and to encourage as much as possible the study of technical books and literature appertaining to the examinations for certificates of competency.

Safety & Environmental Requirements

The FME will ensure compliance to the Company’s policies regarding Safety, Hygiene and Environmental protection by all repair teams while on board Company’s vessel

General responsibilities under the Company’s Policy’s:

The Company will ensure that all employees are made aware of the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection Policies. Every employee should familiarise themselves with, and comply with these policies and associated procedures relevant to their own job functions, and in so doing, shall make a contribution to the quality of the service which is provided to the client and strive for continual improvement in the quality of this service.

All employees, including any contractor or other person employed, are responsible for the impact that their own actions and omissions have on the Environment and the Health, Safety and Security of themselves and/or other persons.

No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of Health, Safety, Security and Welfare.

All personnel shall:

  • Wear safety equipment and clothing as required, or as is necessary for the work being undertaken.
  • Contribute in the planning and risk assessment of relevant work activities.
  • Participate in Safety meetings (as requested)
  • Identify and challenge any unsafe work or activity, and stop any job they feel is unsafe and to notify such to the Superintendent or Operations Manager
  • Report all accidents, incidents, near misses and observations to the Superintendent or Operations manager and assist in their investigation.

Training and Development opportunities

We will look to your rapid professional development and will agree a training plan with you which will build upon your existing skills & qualifications which may include MEOL and further recognised engineering qualifications is required.


Personal Skills and Qualities

  • You will be expected to deploy energy, enthusiasm, depth and breadth of knowledge, high organisational skills, robustness, resourcefulness and new thinking.
  • You will be expected to think and act with the utmost clarity and effectiveness and originality in all engineering areas.
  • You will remain calm and inspirational when under pressure.
  • Your interpersonal skills will be well-honed and your communication skills (whether verbal face to face, electronic, or other written) will be excellent.
  • You will be able to seamlessly and happily change direction and reprioritise work items when required.
  • You will be expected to maintain a proactive manner to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), including the retention of your existing qualifications and further obtaining others. The Company will support you where possible in CPD.
  • Your hazard perception and effective mitigation must be meticulous.
  • Your commercial sense should be acute and risk /cost control / cost effectiveness is vital in your role.
  • You will be expected to exercise a high standard of practical excellence in engineering procurement and execution.
  • Additionally, you will need to be a competent traveller by all modes as this is a highly mobile role - Some expenses will be paid for or reimbursed. You will also have a responsibility for 24/7 alert and emergency response

Other Requirements

  • Graduate of a UK university within the last 3 years
  • Right to work in the UK
To apply for this role please complete our internship application which can be downloaded here: http://ex.ac.uk/bqu. Please send your completed form to us by clicking APPLY NOW.