Graduate Operations Executive

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity for a graduate to lead on the day-to-day operations in the sales and marketing functions for a London-based craft beer company.  The Company are looking for a high-performing, analytical and driven superstar to promote the brand and maximise sales.  In return, you will gain fantastic experience working for a fresh forward-thinking organisation to kickstart your career. This role is part of the Graduate Business Partnership Scheme and is for 12 months from January 2022.  
Our Story: “I discovered two things during some après antics at La Folie Douce. The first was Jubel - an après anthem that meant “a feeling of extreme joy”. The second was demi-pêche - a pint of lager with a peach top. This dangerously refreshing beer secret swiftly became the beer style I wanted to drink that no one brewed, so I sunk my savings into a trial brew that flew at a festival, and escaped my 9-5 to pioneer a new style of beer.” Jesse Wilson 
Our Vision: The Earth's Favourite Fruit Beer Brand.
Our Brand: The Après Beer. We were born in an Après bar and we exist to bring Après to the everyday. Après Ski, Sea and Sport.  
Our Beer: We brew dangerously refreshing craft lager cut with fruit. Jubel packs the refreshment of a fruit cider and sessionability of a crisp lager, and is vegan, gluten-free, and a sociable 4% ABV for easy-access. We might be the new beer on the block but all three of our brews have already scooped up UK Country Winner in the World Beer Awards. 
Our Progress: We launched in April 2018 and have since secured 1500+ listings including retail partners like Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Whole Foods, and on-trade partners like Flat Iron Square, Incipio Group, The Ivy, and POP Brixton. JUBEL is creating a new category and we’re the No. 1 selling craft beer in Sainsbury’s and was voted the UK’s Best Fruit Beer. 
Job title: Operations Executive
Reports to: Operations Manager  
Main purpose: you will be playing a crucial role in leading the day-to-day operations in the sales and marketing functions, to ensure that sales’ time is fully focused on selling our beer, and marketing’s time is fully focused on building our brand.
Key internal relationships: supply operations executive, operations manager, head of sales, head of on-trade, head of off-trade, head of marketing, brand manager.
Key external relationships: e-commerce fulfilment warehouse, on-trade wholesalers, marketing assets suppliers, technical services providers.
Key responsibilities: 
  1. Working with our sales data, and key people within the sales team (head of sales, head of on-trade, and off-trade national account manager) to forecast how much beer we think we’re going to sell as accurately as possible, then working with our supply operations executive to ensure that we produce enough beer to meet our forecast demand. 
  2. Monitoring stock levels closely across our wholesale and retail customers, and making contact with them where necessary to ensure that they are maintaining adequate stock levels to meet customer demand 
  3. Responsible for e-commerce fulfilment accuracy via our third-party fulfilment warehouse, maintaining a strong relationship with them to ensure that any issues are identified, discussed and resolved quickly  
  4. Providing customer service support for e-commerce issues (e.g. lost in transit, damaged delivery, delivery of the incorrect goods), which is a critical part of providing a good customer experience and growing our e-commerce business 
  5. Processing all third-party e-commerce orders and supporting the onboarding of any new third-party e-commerce customers 
  6. Creating an effective forecasting and reporting process for our point of sale brand assets to ensure that we always have adequate supply of necessary point of sale (e.g. branded pint glasses); liaising with suppliers to replenish stock levels when required and reporting on asset usage at month-end as part of the monthly finance processes 
  7. Sourcing new suppliers for point of sale items that can help our brand stand out in the trade, ensuring we have a strong base of suppliers who can work to quick lead times and favourable commercial terms which you will negotiate 
  8. Building and updating sales data dashboards using data visualisation software (e.g. Power BI), and supporting the sales teams with data insights to help inform areas of strategic focus and using data insights to inform our sales forecast 
  9. Tracking and managing our customer investment process, to reconcile actual customer investment vs accrued anticipated customer investment as a key process feeding into our P&L 
  10. Sourcing draught installation partners, negotiating terms with them, and maintaining strong relationships to ensure that draught beer installations happen quickly and any draught quality issues are rectified immediately as a key quality control process 
  11. Support our activation team with demand-side logistics (e.g. finding solutions for transporting and storing portable bars in different cities across the UK with cost and time efficiency front of mind) 
  12. Working with our marketing team to support on events and activations assets and logistics, being the go-to expert within the business of how to get branded assets from A to B in the least time and cost intensive way 
This is not an exhaustive list of duties and is subject to review in agreement with the post holder. 
Someone who shares and displays the JUBEL culture:
I. Values Driven: our five values aren’t just words on a wall. They are the attitudes, behaviours and skills we value in our team to influence who gets hired, promoted, or let go. We embrace diverse personalities and working styles, but every team member lives and breathes our five values:
  1. Thirsty: outstanding delivery through an insatiable drive, work ethic, and external competitiveness - want it 
  2. Action Oriented: working at race pace with a positive and open mind towards everything, doing beats talking 
  3. Sustainable: operating in a way so that our planet, relationships, sales and energy levels are all built to last 
  4. Off-Piste: safe = risky. Bold and brave approach with smart risks and no fear of failure 
  5. Curious: strong and broad appetite to learn - ask questions, be humble, embrace feedback  
II. High Performance: We believe the best perk we can offer people is a team of great people to work with who are as motivated, passionate and driven as they are. 
III. Freedom & Responsibility: People who take real responsibility are rare - self-starting, motivated, disciplined, proactive, not letting anything slip through the net, and working as hard on their own as they do in front of others. We hire for real responsibility so we can have true autonomy, which is given not earned. You are treated like an adult and trusted, so you won’t be asked where you are or what you’re doing. 
Knowledge & Experience  
  1. Experience in a highly analytical role, handling data sets 
  2. Effective negotiation and a strong understanding of commercials 
  3. A good understanding of supply chains, operations and logistics 
  4. Experience with tools like Microsoft Excel and Power BI (or equivalent) 
  5. Strong experience of building and managing internal and external relationships  
  1. Analytical 
  2. Organised 
  3. Problem solving 
  4. Attention to detail 
  5. Relationship building 

GBP Scheme Requirements 

  • To be eligible to apply and undertake a GBP role the graduate must meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Achieved* (or about to achieve) a full undergraduate degree (or Masters or PhD). 

  • Graduated in the UK within the last 3 years of your most recent degree (we will consider extenuating circumstances of potential applicants that may have prevented them from undertaking a graduate role within 3 years of graduation).* Please see above for additional requirements 

  • Attended a British university (or spent time studying at a UK university through ERASMUS) 

  • The University of Exeter is committed to developing an environment which promotes equality of opportunity, values diversity and inclusivity.  

  • The University of Exeter is a Disability Confident Employer, committed attracting and recruiting people with disabilities, and retaining and supporting staff with disabilities. If an applicant declares a disability and meets all the essential criteria, they will be invited to interview.  

  • We welcome applications from all eligible graduates and in particular those from underrepresented groups. Selection and recruitment itself will be entirely on merit alone unless there are multiple applicants demonstrating equal merit. In this clear circumstance, preference would be shown to applicants from under-represented groups. This is in line with lawful positive action measures under sections 158 and 159 of the Equality Act 2010. 

  • Right to Work in the UK for the duration of the GBP internship evidenced by the ‌Intern Guidance- Proving Right to Work the UK. This can includes British citizens; individuals with an EU Pre-Settlement or EU-Settlement Status; and those with a Graduate Route Visa. 

  • Current immigration legislation prevents the University to provide sponsorship certificates for GBP roles, as they do not meet the requirements for a Skilled Worker visa as explained on the International Student Support webpages

  • All graduates need to reside in the UK whilst undertaking this role. 

  • Applicants cannot undertake another GBP role if the contract length in total exceeds the maximum duration of 23 months working as a GBP. 

* To undertake a GBP role applicants must achieve their degree. In the unlikely scenario where a degree is not awarded, the GBP hours may be reduced to 15hrs a week (for undergraduates) or 6hrs a week (for postgraduates) to enable to the graduand the capacity to successfully complete their degree. If the graduand fails their degree the GBP role will end early. 

Key Dates

  • Closing date: 13/12/2021
  • Interview date: 20/12/2021
  • Start date: 04/01/2022
  • End date: 30/12/2022

How to Apply

To apply for this role please complete our internship application form which can be downloaded here. Please send your completed form by clicking apply for this job now, or send it direct to stating that you saw the job advertised on Gradsouthwest. Please ensure you use the Personal Statement section to fully explain why your skills, personality and experience make you the right person for the job.