Leisure and Tourism

The south west has a strong tourism and leisure industry. The nature and distribution of tourism has changed in the south west so that virtually all communities have some form of contact with tourism.

Businesses involved in the tourism industry are varied; from the provision of accommodation, tourist attractions and retail to catering and transport.

The provision of tourism is planned by private, public and voluntary bodies with local authorities, central government and the European Union involved in developing relevant policies.

Skills shortages

The leisure and tourism sector has identified a number of skills shortages (listed below). These represent opportunities for graduates. If you can develop and demonstrate the skills that are in short supply, it stands to reason that you will enhance your employment prospects.

Skills lacking in job applicants include:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Customer handling skills
  • Technical and practical skills

Of the businesses reporting skills gaps, the following skills were regarded as lacking in their workforce:

  • Customer handling skills (over 50% of businesses)
  • Teamwork skills (over 50% of businesses)
  • Technical and practical skills (nearly 50% of businesses)
  • Problem solving skills (nearly 50% of businesses)
  • Management skills (nearly 30% of businesses)
  • Numeracy skills (nearly 20% of businesses)
  • Office and admin skills (nearly 20% of businesses)
  • Literacy skills (nearly 20% of businesses)
  • General IT user skills (nearly 20% of businesses)