ARGANS limited


ARGANS, a company based in Plymouth UK, specialises in satellite-based Earth Observation, remote-sensing applications and services, and geographical information systems used to map and monitor the marine, atmospheric and terrestrial environments.

ARGANS offers satellite mission solutions across a range of services, including development of ground segment algorithms and applications, data quality assessment and validation, or operations on behalf of space agencies, while keeping a strong scientific expertise in remote sensing science.

ARGANS is a small, independent company which has been in business since 2007. During this time, we have undertaken a number of projects with the European Space Agency and the European Commission; we have been part of large consortiums, undertaking both long and short term projects with values ranging from a few thousand to a few million euros. We have also developed our own tools and software as part of smaller projects which we manage in-house.

ARGANS has a staff of skilled and multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists who undertake multiple roles within the company both project management and technical. This core staff are supplemented as needed by external consultants and collaboration with the parent company ACRI-ST.

ESA satellite earth observation missions are 'big science' projects financed by member states' governments and receiving equivalently valued high-tech contracts through the industrial 'GeoReturn' policy and consequently projects tend to be undertaken by pan-European consortia.

ARGANS has forged strong partnerships through joining consortia both as prime and sub-contractor with UK, European and International entities: companies, research institutes, universities and individual scientific consultants.

ARGANS is based in the city of Plymouth in the South West of the UK. Our office is sited at Plymouth Science Park to the north of Plymouth, 7km from the city centre. Several ARGANS' staff work out of an office within ACRI-ST, located in Sophia Antipolis, France.