Avenca Limited


Avenca was founded in 2001 to provide for the growing need for independent services and systems for the analysis of data from recorder systems being fitted across a wide range of sectors.

Since 2001, Avenca has provided systems and services to a diverse range of commercial, governmental, and military customers around the world, and across a wide range of application fields including aerospace, marine, railway, land vehicle, and power generation.

We also have a firm commitment to Quality, and have achieved ISO9001 certification for “the provision of services and systems related to the analysis of data from monitoring systems”.

We deliver innovative software that will reveal information hidden in the often large quantities of raw data, employing bespoke analysis services tailored to suit customer needs and providing technical reports as required.

Our experience means that we can appreciate and understand the challenges faced by our customers, and work together effectively.

Many times we have demonstrated that existing recorder systems, often installed originally just for statutory reasons, can be transformed into a much smarter system, providing a valuable cost effective business benefit.

Our role is to help you transform the standard equipment into a much smarter system, and we aim to be the best at that task. We’ll welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that to you!