Join our world-class graduate scheme

When you are part of the Codestone team you are part of an environment which is designed to give our customers the very best and to enable you to reach your full potential and build an enjoyable and successful career as part of a great team. Of course, technology is part of everything we do, but more than anything it’s our people that make the difference and make Codestone a leader in its chosen fields. At Codestone you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals; intelligent, hard-working, passionate, creative, friendly and helpful people.

Through our graduate schemes you will get access to a fast-track to senior positions within Codestone. By combining formal training with on the job experience and mentoring there is every opportunity for your career to develop methodically but quickly. Our tried and tested technical and sales programmes have a proven track-record.



We believe that every individual can achieve their full potential in life.
In everything we do, we strive to bring out the best in everyone.
This applies to our customers, our people and the people we connect with in our wider community.


We’ve honed a fantastic group of people to form the Codestone team and they are our greatest asset; more important than our products and technologies, it is them that make everything else possible. The contribution of every team member to our success is both acknowledged and appreciated.


At the heart of our business solutions is a number of Strategic Partnerships. To be the best at what we do, we strongly believe in working with the best technologies available and to be highly competent in delivering these solutions. This is why we are proud to have earned Gold Partner status with both SAP and Microsoft and complement these with a broad set of eco-system partners.


Having built our success within the community, both at home and overseas, we believe that we have a social responsibility to help those that have either been less fortunate in life, or that simply need the encouragement to believe in themselves. Through our charitable commitments and engagement within the community, we play our small part in hopefully creating a better world.