What Do We Do?

We supply B2B marketing data for UK companies.

The Difference

Our data is different because it is compiled specifically for direct marketing.

This means that we never need to compromise on our market-leading quality standards. We constantly monitor and update our business data giving you the greatest return on investment of time, money and energy.

The Reputation

Our enviable reputation is built upon commitment to maintaining data quality.

We provide only the highest quality direct marketing data and keep it in prime condition with our UK based telephone research team, meaning the contact details are always accurate and relevant. As a result you can be sure of excellent outcomes.

UK Based Research

We only research data from our UK based call-centre. This means data is verified by people for whom English is their first language and are entirely familiar with English vagaries and nuances.

Our accuracy and depth of details are maintained by recruiting, developing and inspiring a team of people dedicated to getting things right.

The Results

Our focus on data quality means you will enjoy lower gone-away rates, better efficiency and a better return from your campaigns.

Using the best UK B2B marketing data helps you solve your data challenges, which is why so many professional marketers continue to choose Corpdata.

Simply put, we do the job as it should be done.