Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service


Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is the largest non-metropolitan fire and rescue service in England. We provide prevention, protection and response services across the counties of Devon and Somerset (including Torbay and Plymouth).

We have 85 fire stations, the second largest number in England and over 1,900 committed and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to protect the 1.7 million people who live in our counties. This alongside the estimated additional 400,000 people who visit this wonderful part of the country every year.

You can be reassured that if you need us we will rescue you from a burning building, pull you out of fast flowing water, rescue you from height or collapsed structures, extract you from Road Traffic Collisions. We will aim to secure your properties from damage of flood or fires, provide specialist animal rescue keeping both you and the animal safe. You might not expect us to, but we will be the first to respond to medical trauma on behalf of the South West Ambulance Services Trust through our network of co-responders.

It’s not all about emergency response. Our staff work tirelessly to provide community safety advice, education and intervention to keep you safe. When you visit a restaurant, hotel or even go to work, it’s our fire officers that keep you safe and ensure that the responsible person in that building is adhering to the fire safety legislation. In your home, if we are worried that you might be at risk of a fire or other incident we will come and visit you and talk through our safety advice, install smoke alarms and provide you with guidance about how to keep safe.

Now you know we do so much more than putting out fires.