Edward Elgar Publishing


Edward Elgar Publishing is a leading international academic and professional publisher with a strong focus on the social sciences and legal fields. We publish 350 titles annually and have successfully created a prestigious list of over 5,500 titles.

The company was founded by our current Chairman, Edward Elgar, and remains a family business. Edward's original vision was to create a publishing house that attracted high quality books by offering a superior service to authors and we remain focused on treating potential authors and their books with care and attention to detail. We believe it is difficult for large corporate publishers who often suffer from very high levels of staff turnover, top down management and mass production processes to replicate the experience we can provide.

Edward Elgar Publishing was conceived as an international scholarly press and from the beginning our sales were derived equally from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions, reflecting our author base and focus on topics of global interest. Today the Middle East, Latin America and a number of African countries are also important markets.

Our offices are located in the UK (in the Regency town of Cheltenham and Camberley near London) and the US (in Northampton, Massachusetts).  Our editors and sales team make frequent visits to universities and conferences, both home and abroad, meeting with some 20,000 scholars each year to learn about their plans and identify academic trends and ideas for new titles that would be of benefit to our readers.

Recently the company has received a number of awards and distinctions for our digital publishing and global reach, as well as for our traditional approach to publishing.