Ethical Screening


Ethical Screening began life in 1997 and was established as an independent company in 1998. We undertake research and analysis into those non-financial aspects of corporate activity that concern the ethical investor, and enable them to invest according to their principles. 

The company is independent of influence from organisations and agendas which aim to achieve particular social, environmental or political goals. The range of issues we look at is determined entirely by the requirements of our clients. Our research and analysis determines whether a company is involved in a particular activity, and the magnitude and significance of that involvement. We are not a campaigning organisation, and we do not endorse or promote a particular opinion on any ethical issue.

The company is run by a dedicated team of responsible investment specialists with experience ranging from financial planning to environmental and social research. Ethical Screening and its clients benefit from the memberships and associations we have made with a number of groups in the responsible investment industry. As a company we aim to behave in a socially and environmental responsibility manner.