Gresham Technologies


Our team is a combination of experienced minds with deep industry skills, and some of the brightest young talent in technology today. And I believe the way we do things at Gresham is really rather special.

Our culture is open, engaging and freethinking, but framed by a clear vision, a proven global operating model, and a genuine focus on success for our customers. We’re not a well-intentioned start-up trying to find its way, nor a tired industry veteran resting on past accomplishments. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. To question the way things are currently done and strive for quicker, better, smarter outcomes for you, our customers. I’m confident you’ll like working with our people.

I’m also confident you’ll love our technology. At our Innovation Labs we’re fanatical about challenging the perceived wisdom and entrenched ways with game-changing ideas that marry sophisticated thinking with simple implementation. The Clareti platform was born from this mind-set. A new generation of real-time in-memory technology optimised to solve enterprise-grade transaction control problems and the data integrity challenges of a fast-paced digital world.  Now proven at over ninety organisations worldwide, including many of the world’s largest banks, asset managers and corporates, the Clareti platform is becoming the new gold standard that firms and regulators can trust.

But that’s just the beginning of our story. Our portfolio of applications is growing too as we confidently tackle industry problems once seen as intractable.


If you’re hoping to put your degree immediately into action through a job with real responsibility, Gresham is the place for you. You’ll be rewarded with a great starting salary and benefits package, quick progression into the fintech industry, the opportunity to map your own career, learn from experienced colleagues, and work on software solutions for global financial institutions - the sky’s your limit!