Haremi Ltd


We deliver educational content       

We like to think that we excel when it comes to helping companies deliver educational content – we’ve been doing it for over 10 years now! In that time, Haremi has grown to become the largest company in the UK helping educational publishers produce content (we don’t know of anyone bigger). Whilst that is lovely, it’s not the most important thing to us… the most important is that we are the best at what we do – delivering quality content on time and within budget.

We help blend innovation into learning

It's within the principle of blended learning where we think we really shine; we believe strongly that by using print and digital media in harmony, significant learning benefits can be gained. We've helped our customers create many guises of blended learning, allowing innovation to be harnessed whilst still taking a pragmatic approach to our customer's requirements. Whatever you need, whether it’s print, digital or a bit of both, we are here to help.

Passionate about education and teaching

What drives us as a company is what we help to create – we're passionate about education and strongly believe that we can make a difference in helping teachers teach and learners learn. We think it’s very important to understand how the content is being taught – so we make it our business to go into classrooms and watch how the content is being presented, so that we can see first-hand the impact of what we are helping to create. That's Haremi.

Come and meet the team

We spend a lot of time making sure that we have the right people, so we surround ourselves with the best people we can find – there are now more than 30 of us in our award-winning team. Most of our senior staff (that’s them below) have worked for educational publishing companies – that’s important to us because it ensures that we really understand what our customers are trying to achieve. We also make sure that everyone in our team loves what they do and shares our purpose – to improve achievement by helping publishers provide quality resources for teachers and learners. The result is that we have a dynamic, loyal and energetic work force that will do everything possible to make our customers happy (otherwise, Poppy growls at them).