Heathcoat Fabrics Ltd


Founded by John Heathcoat in 1808, Heathcoat Fabrics has evolved over 200 years into one of the most innovative and forward-thinking fabrics manufacturers, with an international reputation for high quality and brilliance. Heathcoat Fabrics is based in beautiful, rural Devon UK where our all-encompassing hi-tech site resides.

We operate a total end-to-end highly adept service that includes in-house research and development, design, testing, and all on-site manufacturing facilities that cover  everything from quality-controlled yarn texturising, warping, weaving and knitting to the latest high-end advanced dyeing, specialist fabric treatments, product enhancements, and finishing divisions.

Heathcoat Fabrics recognises the importance of working with customers to delivery tailored product solutions that will help their businesses prosper and grow. Our ability to deliver unique solutions is achieved not only through working closely with customers every step of the way, but also through understanding their requirements, developing real partnerships and through collaboration with leading professional suppliers.

Heathcoat Fabrics believes in placing a high level of investment in people and equipment. This is reinforced by our research and development team; ensuring that our quality and performance standards are constantly being improved and tested, guaranteeing that we stay at the leading edge of technology.