Houghton Stone


We were established in 1989 by Richard Houghton, who founded us on the simple belief that entrepreneurial organisations needed a business advisory service with an entrepreneurial flair.

Since then our reputation has grown, and as a result; so have we. Through our industry knowledge, professional integrity and commitment to our clients; we’ve become one of the largest independent Business Advisors in the South West.

These beliefs have remained at the core of everything we’ve achieved. It has ensured that right from the beginning we’ve never been scared to do things a little differently. We view each one of our clients as an individual and constantly strive with them to succeed. As a professional service we build client relationships with longevity, and through practical and honest advice we inspire confidence in them

Since our foundation, we’ve continuously endeavoured to surpass expectation. We’ve achieved this by ingraining our core values into the entirety of our actions. By living and breathing these values we ensure that our clients continue to receive an unparalleled professional experience.