Method Consulting


At Method we are a group of sustainability professionals with a common goal to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, through sustainable engineering design and advice.

We have worked together as a team for several years, some of us more than ten, and have always put sustainable development at the core of every project. We are mix of young and dynamic building services engineers and sustainability consultants whose individual attributes complement each other’s. Common to all our team is a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of building engineering and sustainability as well as experience and a pragmatic approach to ensure we provide the best possible service for our clients.

Our open and collaborative approach is reflected in our company structure where all staff have a stake in the business and a say in how it is run. We are flexible but focused and we believe that our working environment should be open, transparent and conducive to development for talented professionals. We embed sustainable principles into everything that we do and we have achieved independently certified ISO 14001 accreditation to demonstrate this. We have also achieved ISO 9001 certification covering our full scope of services. For our Environmental Policy, click here.

Intelligent thinking means considering the fine details as well as the broad concepts and our collaborative approach, through the formation of our LLP, means we work closely with clients, architects and designers to solve problems.

Our aim is a great building and a delighted client.