Welcome to Occumi - Helping you discover your transferable skills.

Experience how Occumi’s powerful skills identifying algorithm can help you to identify and understand your transferable skills, helping you to improve your employability in a matter of minutes.

Employers want to see your transferable skills

Employers are now putting a greater impetus on students showing that they have developed skills that can be transferred to the workplace during their studies. However, many students are not aware of this, meaning they struggle to sell themselves to employers.

Occumi uses a research backed algorithm to identify your transferable skills based on your educational qualifications and work experience. Learn why employers want your transferable skills, and uncover the opportunities that your skills can lead to!

Access Occumi with Gradsouthwest

Occumi and Gradsouthwest have partnered to give Gradsouthwest users access to Occumi.  


Here are your instructions to get your personalised skills chart

Here you will find a breakdown of the instructions for Occumi. Occumi has been designed to be easy to understand, and includes on screen instructions for students as they make their way through the process. These instructions are here to help you when signing in and using Occumi.

1. Signing Up

Sign up is easy, all you need to do is:

- go to www.occumi.co.uk

- enter your personal email address

- to complete the “institution email address”* register with Gradsouthwest or login to your account if you already have one. On registering you'll get an institutional address to use.  

*This email will not be an actual email address, but due to our partnership, it gives users from Gradsouthwest access to Occumi.

2. Opt-in

Opt in to receiving job opportunities that are suited to your skill sets

3. Personal information & Optional questions

Complete the compulsory questions. The demographic questions are optional. Any answers to these questions remain anonymous.

4. Educational Qualifications Input

Add all of your educational qualifications, from Further Education level and above. If you are currently studying for a qualification, you can enter your predicted/ expected grade.

5. Work Experience Input

Add all of your work experience. For each work experience enter the position, the role, and the duration that you worked there for.

6. Skills Dashboard

Once you have entered your educational qualifications and work experience, you will be instantly presented with your personalised skills dashboard. The dashboard includes all of the skills that our algorithm has identified from your education and work experience.

6.1 Skills Chart

The Skills chart is a visual representation of your top 5 transferable skills. The skills chart can be downloaded as a png and be attached to a CV, or shared on LinkedIn to help you make your skills stand out. You can drag and drop any of the other skills that you have developed into your top 5 in order to alter the skills chart with skills that you may want to show a particular employer.

6.2 Additional Skills Information

Skill “?” Each skill has a brief description included on the dashboard, and in depth details about the skill itself, where it can be beneficial, and what opportunities it can be used for can be found. 

Skill “Attributes” Each skill will show you what educational qualification or work experience led to the development of that skill. This encourages you to reflect on specific examples on where you used that skill.
Let your skills do the talking

It’s time to discover the power of your transferable skills!