Packexe Ltd


About Packexe®

Packexe Ltd is a UK-based company with global operations.  Its products are exported worldwide.

Founded in 1989 by the present CEO, Andrew Orchard, the company’s success is based on constant product innovation, both responding to and creating market opportunities.

Packexe  Handy Wrap®, developed in the early 1990s, is a distinctive all-in-one wrapping and bundling tool, now used in a wide variety of international industries as well as in the home.  The company’s stretchfilm converting technology and expertise allow it to offer industrial customers tailored packaging solutions.

Since 2000 Packexe  has used its knowledge of plastic films to solve the problems of floor and surface protection experienced by builders and decorators.  Existing protection methods, from dust-sheets to plastic or paper sheeting all have severe limitations in both effectiveness and safety.  Packexe® self-adhesive protection film addressed these problems head-on, providing a quickly installed, leak-proof and slip-resistant protection system.  The range, which is now widely available through builders’ and decorators' merchants and which features regularly on DIY television programmes, includes four films with surface-specific adhesives to ensure excellent grip and no transfer of adhesive residue on surfaces from carpet to exterior windows.

Most recently, in response to demand from fire and rescue services, Packexe  developed and launched Packexe  SMASH®.  This glass management system, consisting of self-adhesive film with an ingenious dispenser, allows faster and safer extrication of casualties from road traffic collisions, keeping window-glass intact while powerful cutting tools are used.  Packexe  SMASH has already been adopted by rescue services in over 20 countries and its use is now being extended to emergency glass management in buildings as well as vehicles.

Packexe’s streamlined production and warehousing systems, with a daily capacity of over 40,000 rolls of Handy Wrap and 300,000m² of self-adhesive protection film and Packexe  SMASH®, ensure a rapid response to orders from all over the world.

Now, with over 25 years’ experience in a wide variety of markets, Packexe Ltd  continues to develop new and original products to meet the needs of its national and international customers.