The Real Olive Company


Since Karin Andersson and Ben Flight founded the Real Olive Company in Bristol in 1998, we have personally established a network of growers around the Mediterranean coast, in Greece, Italy, France, Morocco and Spain.

Working with small scale, independent, artisan and organic farmers, we know exactly where our olives and other mouthwatering ingredients come from. You can always enjoy our olives safe in the knowledge that they are pure, natural products. You can rest assured that the sun kissed groves in which these olives grow remain a haven for wildflowers, insects and birds, as they have been for centuries.

From our farmers we have learnt time honoured ways of preparing and preserving olives without the use of modern artificial preservatives. We have also discovered delicious marinades and age old recipes, so that we can offer you the most authentic Mediterranean flavours.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the aromatic flavours and succulent texture of the finest olives, marinated with fragrant herbs and spices in natural cold-pressed oils. We keep our prices as low as we can without ever compromising on quality.

We embrace new technology where it matters, ensuring that our olives reach you quickly and in the best possible condition. Our underlying mission remains the same, to bring you the delicious fruits of the Mediterranean sun, grown for us by artisan farmers.