University of Exeter (Graduate Business Partnership)

  • Address: Exeter


The University of Exeter's Graduate Business Partnership scheme is designed to help get graduates into supported internship with organisations usually based in the South West.

The employers are often Small Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) or large organisations such as local Councils, the NHS and utility companies.

The internships are in a wide range of sectors, including working in Higher Education; Advertising; Arts and Culture; Engineering; and Legal Services.

Types of internship vary, but usually cover a variety of roles, such as Marketing, IT, Web Development, PR, Technical, Environmental, Engineering, Market Research, Business Planning, Accounts and Sales.

Most GBPs are approximately 37 hrs per week, Mon-Fri 9-5pm. We are able to ask the employer if they would consider employing a graduate part-time in a role, if that would suit your needs.

Successfully placed graduates will be expected to attend one full day of Employability Training at the University.

The GBP team are available to support any graduate with their internship, either through confidential 1:1 support sessions or arranging 3-way meetings between the intern, the employer and the University.