Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)


VCA is an Executive Agency of the United Kingdom Department for Transport and the United Kingdom's national approval authority for new road vehicles, agricultural tractors and off-road vehicles. It is also the UK authority for the certification of packaging and intermediate bulk containers used for the transport of dangerous goods.

Our status allows close links with the UK Government and European policy formulation and enforcement of vehicle safety and environmental standards. We bring the authority and back-up of Government, but with the freedom to react to your changing needs.

Our main headquarters office is in Bristol, with an office and test facilities on the MIRA site at Nuneaton and an office at the Millbrook Proving Ground near Milton Keynes. Our dangerous Goods team is based in Leatherhead Surrey. Worldwide we have offices in the US (long established offices in Northville Michigan, and Ashland Ohio), Asia-Pacific (Japan), Malaysia, China, India, Italy and Australia. We also have agents in many other locations around the world, enabling us to satisfy the needs of vehicle manufacturers wherever they are based.

We pride ourselves in providing expert international test and certification services for vehicles and vehicle parts. Our approval certificates are recognised without question throughout the European Community and the wider group of countries belonging to the European Economic Area and the Geneva-based United Nations organisation (ECE).