Whetman Plants International


What we do 

Plant Breeding

There have been phenomenal advancements in biological science during the last few decades. But as our environment and consumer habits change, we need to keep ahead of the trends and needs of the market. Plant breeding is a key component of Whetman Plants International’s research and development process. 
The company, together with our sister Company Valin Genetics Ltd, invests a significant amount of resources in the in-house breeding department. Our teams are currently working on new and exciting genetics, within a variety of sciences, to produce the next generation of plants that have the best possible characteristics.

Comprehensive trials

We allow about 8 years for the selection process to be completed before introducing a new plant variety. During this time it will be tested for its hardiness, repeat flowering qualities, good vegetative growth, fragrance, health and vigour and as an overall good plant for the grower as well as the consumer.

Market Insights

We listen to you, our customers and always endeavour to meet the highest standards of plant health, cutting and young plant quality. The mother stock is tested twice yearly and inspected by FERA on a monthly basis.

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of service you could wish for, with advice given willingly and freely. 
Our success in achieving this contributes to your success.

Tradition with technology

Highly skilled and dedicated breeders blend their expertise, creativity and traditional methods with sophisticated decision support software and laboratory research and development to bring award-winning plant varieties to market. With 12 products launched in the last 3 years, and many more in development, you can be assured that we will bring you the very best of our future breeding.