Salary Considerations

 Graduate Recruitment Guide: Salary Considerations

Salary is a critical factor in attracting graduate talent.

That said, graduates tend to be more interested in career progression, skills and training, location and affordability than a big headline salary. It's a balancing act. 

We recommend a minimum starting salary of £18,000. The most common salary range for first graduate jobs advertised on Gradsouthwest is £18,000 - £22,500. For candidates in some fields, including IT and engineering, starting salaries tend to be higher. You can browse our vacancy adverts to get a feel for the graduate salaries on offer in your sector or location. 

You will also need to take scales, grades and negotiated agreements into account, plus any immediate factors such as skills shortages.

Salaries are subject to the national minimum wage and the requirements of equal pay and discrimination legislation. In general, a new employee should be paid at the same level as the previous incumbent unless there is a formal system for increments or length of service.

Be explicit about salary

Whatever salary you decide upon, state it explicitly in your recruitment as graduates are often put off by jobs that do not indicate a salary range.