Graduate Recruitment Guide: Shortlisting

Shortlisting can be a time consuming process and it's important to approach it in a structured way to ensure you shortlist the right graduate candidates in an objective and fair way. 

  • Compare the information on the application form or CV with the job specification and choose only those who meet the essential and many of the desirable criteria as your short-listed candidates. A simple scoring matrix may help.
  • It might be useful to draw up a table to show how you plan to assess each of the attributes on the job description and/or person specification. You can download our sample template for shortlisting.
  • Many suggest that you restrict the number of candidates for the selection process to six, keeping other suitable candidates aside until you are happy with your final selection.
  • Contact unsuccessful candidates to let them know your decision. Some candidates like to know why they were not short-listed. You can choose whether to offer feedback.