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The south west is home to hundreds of thousands of talented students and graduates and there are lots of ways that your business can tap into this talent.

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Universities across the south west offer a range of placement, professional practice and internship schemes whereby you can host a student or graduate for a specific role or project. 

The schemes offer employers the opportunity to benefit from cost effective (and sometimes subsidised or even free) additional staff resources. Students and graduates bring enthusiasm, creativity, skills and a fresh perspective and you get to try out the talent at minimal risk. 

Some schemes, such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, run all year round, and others target particular times of year. Whichever scheme you are interested in, you'll benefit from the support of the provider to administer the scheme to get your student or graduate off to a flying start.

With our strong campus links, we're well placed to know who's running what and how you can access it.....

University of Exeter Schemes 

The University of Exeter offers a number of schemes to recruit to student and graduate internships:

Graduate Business Partnership (GBP):
Aids South West employers (University recruiting managers or local business), recruit recent graduates, into full-time roles.

Student Business Partnership (SBP):
Assists local business recruit students into part-time, term-time roles and summer internships.

Employer subsidies- Access to Internships (A2I)
Provides funding to subsidise the cost of employing University of Exeter students and graduates. 

Pathways to International Trade
Students trained in international trade, by Department of International Trade, offering a 1 week paid internship.                                                                                                                             

Pathways to Arts, Culture and Heritage
Students trained in arts, culture and heritage by the RAMM Museum and partners, offering a 1 week paid internship.                                                                                                                        

Plymouth University Graduate Internships

Plymouth University offers funding support to eligible SME employers to offset the cost of hiring alumni into a graduate role. The amount is intended to partially cover the employees’ wages which should be match funded by your organisation. The funding can contribute £150 per week for up to 10 weeks, with the expectation that the organisation will contribute at least £150 per week to the wages also.

To be eligible your organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a small and/or medium enterprise (SME) with fewer than 250 employees
  • You have a turnover of less than £50 million a year
  • You can provide a contract of employment and pay the employee through your payroll system
  • Your organisation has suitable liability insurance
  • Your organisation can have a maximum of two placements a year. 

If your organisation meets the criteria and you would like to discuss this further please contact the student jobs team at studentjobs@plymouth.ac.uk 

University of the West of England

UWE Bristol graduate and student interns offer your business a great deal, without the commitment of a new permanent employee.

Graduate Internship Scheme
Applications are now closed for our UWE Bristol and Santander Graduate Internships Scheme.

Undergraduate Internship Scheme
The scheme provides funding and support to employers who wish to recruit a student for a ten-week summer project.

International Talent Internship Scheme
A salary subsidy is available to employers who wish to employ a UWE Bristol international student on a fixed-term (part time or full time) basis.

Bath Spa University

University of Bristol 

The University of Bristol offers the UoB Internship Scheme and the Santander Universities Internship Programme. 

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University offers match-funded PhD studentships - an opportunity for businesses or organisations of any size to get involved in challenging research projects that are designed to find bespoke solutions to real-world problems.

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