Innovation… are you an innovative business?

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The Government’s most recent UK Innovation Survey has just been published. The report contains some key messages for the south west and for employers and graduates.

Within the English regions, there was an increase in firms reporting innovation activity in the south west and declines in all other regions. This is good news for the south west at least.

It is clear that workforce skills to create and implement new products, services, practice and processes are essential for introducing innovations.

Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) graduate employment is linked with highly innovative organisations where graduates make up a greater share of the workforce. It is argued that employing STEM graduates increases demand for innovation through greater use of external collaboration and networking, leading in turn to further demand for these graduates.

Educational skill level of the workforce as a whole is known to be associated with innovation activity and performance. Firms employing an increasing proportion of STEM and non-STEM graduates in the workforce were more likely to experience increases in turnover and employment levels.

Si if you are looking to become more innovative as a company, you may want to consider bringing in more graduates into your workforce. If that is entry-level talent you are after, then is clearly the place to go!



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