Top Tips for making your job advert more effective

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Here are our top tips for making your job advert more effective

Make your job title meaningful

It is what first catches the first click. Describe the role and field if possible e.g. Events Administrator in PR is better than Administrator.

Stop hiding the salary

By leaving it out you reduce the number of candidates who apply and make your advert less competitive. You might just miss out on your perfect candidate. Even if the salary might be a point of contention be upfront about it and that openness will pay dividends.

Say where the job is

People search by location, so if you don’t say where you won’t appear in their searches and you’ll miss out on applications. Giving a precise postcode works the best in attracting candidates, and helps in Google for Jobs searches too.

Be clear about the non-salary benefits you offer

You are trying to attract applicants after all. Play to your strengths –

Keep the advert clear, concise and engaging

Candidates don’t always read really long adverts. The most effective adverts are 300-500 words in our experience. Keep formatting clean and clear and the tone positive and engaging.

Give a call to action with a deadline

Do you want a CV? A covering letter? Need an application form completed? Then say so. And say when you want it. We all like to know what we need to do, and by when.

Make the most of Gradsouthwest

Our Recruitment Guide gives lots of useful information for you to use. Included is our Guide to Creating your Job Advert. And don’t forget, by using our Featured Advert you get your job and logo on the homepage raising visibility of your job significantly. Further display advert, social media campaigns and e-shots get the message out there even more.

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