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In this April 2020 issue:

Recruitment on hold? Still Recruiting? How can we help?We can find graduates for you | Be a Good Egg | National Minimum and Living Wage increases come into effect | How to interview people online & 6 Top Tech Tips for looking good

Recruitment Guide

Initial research from the Institute of Student Employers is saying that a third of companies have put their recruitment on hold, a third are still recruiting, and a third haven't decided...

Recruitment on hold?

We understand - you've put recruitment on hold. We totally get it.

As a small business who regularly works with employers of all sizes we have two priorities - the first is being here for you when you are ready to recruit again. The second is helping you when you do.

As a fully on-line businesses our coronavirus transition has thankfully been easy to implement - meaning all our services (except face-to-face careers fairs!) are still operational. We will be here when you need us again. We've just taken a pay cut to make it happen.

Still Recruiting?

For those that are still recruiting - we are so pleased you are in a position to do so. Not for us, but for the class of 2020 who are graduating into a job market that is so epically abnormal that we really feel for them. We are encouraging final year students to continue to apply. If you can continue to recruit please do - even if you have autumn start dates - it just gives hope to the thousands graduating that there is a future career out there for them.

How can we help? We can find graduates for you

If you are in Devon, Somerset or Dorset then we have a free recruitment advert for you as a result of funding from the Office for Students - helping you reach graduates looking for work - get in touch for more information.

If you are anywhere else, we would like to offer longer duration adverts - so 2 months for the price of 1 - to help get your recruitment message out far and wide. If you don't need 2 months then we'll give you a free upgrade from a standard to a featured advert instead. Either way it'll help you find graduates during the current shutdown.

If you need help to undertake recruitment then here's our free Recruitment Guide with all you need to know.


News from LinkedIn is showing recruitment is returning in China, following a near 45% drop year-on-year at the peak of their shutdown. As the UK hopefully passes peak in the coming weeks with a bit of economic positivity recruitment will kick back in here too. Be ready when it does - we will be here to help.

Be a Good Egg

Easter 2020 will be remembered for one thing – Covid-19.
But what will your company be remembered for when people look at you when considering employment with you when this is all over?

It’s very clear that a few companies have made very big faux pas with their coronavirus responses – leading to some very public apologies, and a growing list of companies to be boycotted for how they have treated their staff, suppliers and society.

Here's Plymouth-based Fuel Communications take on brand impact.

Be mindful... listen to what is happening and position your company on the right side.How you respond will form part of your brand and part of your recruitment positioning in the coming months and years.

Get it right and candidates will want to work for you.

National Minimum and Living Wage increases come into effect

National Minimum and Living Wage increases come into effect

The 2020 National Living Wage came into effect on Wednesday 1 April, a 6.2% increase on the previous rate.

National Living Wage (NLW) increases from £8.21 to £8.72.

Alongside this increase, further labour market reforms also came into place on 6 April, enhancing workers’ rights across the board.


How to interview people online

How to interview people online & 6 Top Tech Tips for looking good

Such unprecedented times has lead to many employers moving their face-to-face recruitment on-line with video interviewing being new to many employers and candidates.

We recently came across this blog from DfE where they outline their experiences and some of the things you can do to make sure interviewees get the same high quality experience as they would face-to-face.


We've also put together 6 simple Top Tech Tips for looking good in video interviews for our students & graduates - but you might want to look too...


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