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In this issue: Peak Recruitment Season for the Class of 2022 Attracting, retaining and developing top talent And in other Business News... | Recruit with Gradsouthwest

Graduate Recruitment Guide

Peak Recruitment Season for the Class of 2022

If you are thinking of recruiting a new graduate don't delay.

Exams are over, and the wait for results and graduation commences. As does the search for a graduate entry-level job.

For those that didn't go for an autumn application graduate scheme, and decided to wait until Uni was finished now the serious business of job hunting begins.

If you are new to recruiting graduates and need help with your advert, we can help. Try our Graduate Recruitment Guide - or drop us an email and we'll happily help you get your recruitment underway.

If you are an experienced graduate recruiter - you can upload your advert and we'll get it live for you asap.

We link to reports below on significant skills shortages - but don't miss out on the one genuine source of new candidates - those entering the labour market for the first time.

WEBINAR: Attracting, retaining and developing top talent

Attracting, retaining and developing top talent

How to create an innovation culture and lead high-performing teams.

An Innovate UK EDGE webinar on the 5th July 2022.

How are you investing in and protecting your most valuable asset – your staff?

How do you find, develop and retain top talent?

What is your strategy to develop and lead high-performing teams?

In this webinar, we'll explore practical steps for developing a people-led strategy to help achieve innovation-led growth.



And in other Business News...

Employers recognise significant skills shortages as business needs evolve, finds PwC survey.

- Vast majority of businesses (85%) either have or expect to have shortages in critical skills
- Digital skills and problem solving skills are the biggest current skills issue for employers with around two in five businesses experiencing shortages now
- Skills shortages means an urgent need for capacity building for the net zero transition

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Demand for graduates with digital skills will further increase.

Research shows that demand for graduates with digital skills will further increase following the growth of artificial intelligence...

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Region faces country's worst social mobility and educational barriers

A recent report reveals that the South West has the worst educational outcomes for disadvantaged young people in the country. The South West also has the largest school attainment gap between poorer pupils and the rest out of all English regions.

The report presents three key challenges for the South West:
1. A low wage economy, impacting working families and job opportunities for young people
2. Disconnected areas, with rural and coastal communities facing barriers to accessing services and education
3. A lack of impetus for change, with little national and political advocating on behalf of the region

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