Key Actions for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting - part #1

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Are you meeting your EDI goals? Do you even know what they are? Leverage your data to set yourself up to succeed. Use these key actions to ensure diversity in your recruiting process:


  • Understand your current workforce, and identify target EDI requirements for improved recruitment. This sets your goals.

Initial Recruitment Data Collection

  • Create or update your EDI collection form - most companies are missing opportunities to know the demographic of their candidates by not even collecting the data.
  • Create custom demographic questions in your application process. Include self-describe options to enhance the richness of the information you collect.
  • Next, gather candidate demographic data throughout the hiring process. Again, build in opportunities for candidates to self-describe at each stage.


  • Now you have the data, get started tracking levels of candidate demographic self-disclosure over time.
  • Aim to encourage increases in your target EDI applicants over time.
  • Measure which sources are yielding a diversity of target candidates.
  • Track the sources from which historically underrepresented candidates go on to be hired and retained.
  • Make sure your interviewers include EDI target representative staff. Train all your staff in EDI and unconscious bias training too.
  • Make sure you short-list so that you start with historically underrepresented candidates reaching interview stage.

In part #2 we will look at making adverts and job descriptions EDI friendly.

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