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In this issue: | That's the end of another Academic Year | Latest Labour Market stats are challenging | And in Other Business News... | Recruit with Gradsouthwest

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That's the end of another Academic Year...

But new graduates are still on the hunt for jobs...

The Class of 2022 have their results and graduation ceremonies are underway. In fact in some Universities the Class of 2020 and 2021 are also finally getting their in-person graduation ceremonies too.

Those from previous years are already in work (although might be on the hunt for their next career step!). But for the Class of 2022 there's still time to tempt them into your job.


Latest Labour Market stats are challenging

The news for recruiters gets more challenging, with the latest national labour market analysis showing:

- highest ill-health based worklessness following the pandemic for decades

- a 'missing million' of workers who have left the labour market

- the largest fall in real pay on record

Taken together it remains an incredibly tough market in which to recruit.

Economic growth has also stalled, and so there is little good news on the horizon.


And in other Business News...

University of Plymouth internships

Need an intern? Check out the University of Plymouth who have a number on offer at the moment.

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New Innovation funding from Innovate UK

The Fast Start: Innovation grants will provide funding (£30m) to hundreds of small and micro-businesses to help them grow. The grants, of up to £50,000 each, will provide businesses with a way to boost cash flow to help them commercialise their ideas faster.

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150 UK Small Business Grants to Apply for
Right Now

Securing grants for your small business or start-up can be a constant challenge – but there is help available in the form of grants. Fortunately. the team at Small Business have rounded up a comprehensive list of grants from all over the UK, that you can apply for right now.

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