Recruiter News - March 2023

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In this issue: New Subscription Model Launched | SW Employment Growth predictions |Online event - 29th March -How to make Equality, Diversity & Inclusion work for your business Hiring struggles pushing up pay, but more flexibility is key - CIPD Funded Interns Recruit with Gradsouthwest

New Subscription Model Launched

New Subscription Model Launched

What's the problem?

Money is tight. The employment market is tight. Employers are struggling to recruit...and therefore need to advertise more widely and tap into new sources of employees.

The Solution

We have a solution! We want to see more jobs on Gradsouthwest, but we recognise that you can't currently afford to post all your graduate jobs with us.

So to make posting more efficient and more affordable we are launching a subscription pilot.

⭐Unlimited* Standard Job Postings = £600 ex VAT per year

⭐Unlimited* Featured Job Postings = £900 ex VAT per year

* No risk to you

If you publish fewer jobs than you expected we'll roll the credit forward for those that were not used at a rate of the current cost of a job advert. e.g. you only post 3 standard jobs, we role forward £300 (£600-the cost of 3 posts) to your account the next year - and you can then post £300 worth of jobs. These are job credits and can't be redeemed for other packages.

Reduced risk to us - we really do mean unlimited - but this is a pilot so we'll have to see how that goes. Initially we'll add 26 credits to your account - the equivalent of a job a fortnight. But they'll have to be used within the year. Need more than 26 - talk to us.


📈SW Employment Growth predictions

📣Research from EY predicts SW cities will be among the UK’s top cities for employment growth

Bristol and Bournemouth are on track to see significant employment growth between 2024-26, closely followed by Exeter.

The South West is also expected to be boosted by strong growth in the information and communication sector, which is anticipated to be the UK’s fastest growing sector in the medium-term.

With a shortage of workers and predicted employment growth we will continue to see a tight recruitment market.

The one reliable source of new employees every year are new entrants from education - so don't miss out and make sure you tap into the Class of 2023.

🎓University Engagement

We aim to be highly visible to students studying at SW Universities - so that they know Gradsouthwest as a source of local graduate jobs - helping you, our employers, fill your vacancies.

This last month we've presented on student webinars at the University of Plymouth and Arts University Plymouth.

We've been to Bournemouth University to their Careers Fair, and we have Careers Fairs booked at the University of Bath and the University of Exeter in the next couple of months.

We are visible - so that you can be too with out having to attend all the Universities yourself.


🗓Online event - 29th March
How to make Equality, Diversity & Inclusion work for your business

Establish good people management within your business by joining our virtual workshop specialised in promoting and delivering EDI in the workplace. Open to all SMEs and free to attend as part of the Workforce for the Future Programme.

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📈Hiring struggles pushing up pay, but more flexibility is key - CIPD

Hard-to-fill vacancies are pushing median expected pay rises to a new record of 5% according to the CIPD.

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📢 Funded Interns: Calling anyone working in the following 3 sectors:

⭐ Charity and Development
⭐ International Trade (including international business development & international marketing)
⭐ Marketing

If you or any of your colleagues have an under-resourced project or could do with some additional support from students' keen to experience your sector, the University of Exeter Professional Pathways programme would love to hear from you! You get a funded intern for 35 hours this summer (between 26 June - 7 July)

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