Recruiter News - May 2024

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In this issue: May: visas, holidays and summer jobs Did you know? | Are you looking to Grow Your Team? |Help to Grow | Slush'd Cornwall | Whitepaper on tech talent Recruit Now


May: visas, holidays and summer jobs

This month graduate recruitment has been under the Government spotlight with the release of a Home Office commissioned report that has found that the UK's graduate visa scheme is not being widely abused and should remain in place. For those of you that recruit international students the retention of this route (which allows international students to stay in the UK for 2-3 years after graduation) is critical - so hopefully this is good news and the Government takes on board it's own advice.

Many undergraduates are now completing the last of exams and finishing off coursework for the summer holidays. Don't forget we offer free summer job adverts (roles <12 weeks) - so if you don't have your summer intern yet - advertise now!

And if your role is longer term, if you want to hire from the Class of 2024 you need to have your adverts live before they are all snapped up!

Did you know?

> From the 6 April 2024 -A new change in the law means all employees have the right to ask to work flexibly from their first day of employment .

>The labour market remains tight overall, with the unemployment rate at 4.3%, and a slight increase in economic activity in the past 3 months. (ONS)

>ONS data shows that between January and March, pay rises, excluding bonuses, remained at 6% despite predictions of a decline.

>CIPD labour force survey reveals lower staff attrition and fewer job moves this year as workers are increasingly likely to stay in their current roles as they prioritise job stability amid an uncertain economic outlook.

Are you looking to grow your team?
Help to Grow

Help To Grow

Help to Grow: Management Essentials is an online, self-guided course designed to help business leaders take a helicopter view of their businesses and understand their strengths, challenges and potential.

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Slush'd Cornwall

Slush'd Cornwall

12 September 2024

The ultimate tech start-up event will bring together founders, entrepreneurs, investors and the tech community.

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Building a Strong Employer Brand in the Tech Industry

Whitepaper on tech talent

'Building a Strong Employer Brand in the Tech Industry' has been launched by EVO Talent. Learn about:

>Why employer branding matters in tech

> Components of a strong tech employer brand

>Strategies for building your employer brand

We think the messages are appropriate for all employers!

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