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Recruitment Guide

Welcome to our graduate recruitment guide

The guide contains lots of information and resources to guide and assist you in attracting, selecting and developing graduate talent. It's based on our experience of working with graduates and SMEs.

You can use this resource as a step-by-step guide or you can dip in and out to use what you need.

What do graduates offer?

Graduates are enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are looking to make a difference.


  • Have an advanced capacity for learning
  • Bring fresh ideas and new perspectives
  • Seek out responsibility and take ownership of their workload
  • Rapidly become productive and adapt to the work environment
  • Make dedicated employees who bring transferable skills which make a positive impact on the business
  • Many of our graduates tell us that they are interested in working within the south west. Throughout this guide you will see videos of businesses that have successfully attracted, recruited and developed graduate talent.

Employees are your most valuable asset so getting it right is important. Poor recruitment, selection and development can have financial, business and human costs which are easy to avoid with a little thought and planning.

Every year, around 40,000 graduates and postgraduates enter the labour market from south west universities. That's a big pool of talent for you to select from.