Hark Solutions Ltd


When the founding Directors started Hark in 2004 they brought together a powerful combination of sales process know-how and creative software production. In partnership with Timberland, Hark created the world’s first digital sales app in 2005 called the Interactive Product Guide. Today, Hark’s leading aWorkbook app combines a unique mix of features and functions that enable businesses to transform the way they go-to-market.

Hark’s latest software offering aHub is driven by the ever-changing digital landscape where the demand for multi-channel, mobile access to product information is prevalent. Hark’s knowledge and expertise in consistently managing data quality, combined with the power of collaborative cloud computing means aHub delivers true value to users, allowing complete control and visibility of the most important asset in the go-to-market process, product information. Data services are also a key part of the Hark offer giving customers access to our world-class data team and our project managers for training and support.