Milo - ISL Recruitment

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Last year Milo successfully found employment through Gradsouthwest with isl Recruitment. Here is his story.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in recruitment?
"I knew I wanted to work in a fast paced, commission driven environment where I was able to control my own earning potential.

Why did you choose ISL?
"Knowing a few people who worked at ISL, I knew that it would be the right place for me. The autonomous culture and fun team atmosphere really appealed to me. The fact that I would have the freedom to my do role without being micromanaged was important."

How would you describe the academy?
"A group based comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of the recruitment consultant role. Predominately practical training, with the right mix of theory and best practice. A good amount of support and advice from the experienced consultants, definitely a team culture where people are happy to help you out."

What do you think are top 3 attributes someone would need to join the isl academy?
"Resilience, Confidence, Motivated"