Postgraduate Study

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Postgraduate study is open to anyone with a good first degree and there are a huge number of courses available. Whether you are looking to increase your knowledge in your chosen field, specialise or change direction, there will be a variety of options open to you. 

What is Postgraduate Study?

Postgraduate study is an opportunity to take your subject further and deeper, to focus and specialise. There are three main categories of postgraduate study:

  1. Taught courses – including Masters Programmes that tend to be one year full-time leading to MSc or MA type qualifications.
  2. Research courses – usually two+ years leading to MPhil or three+ years leading to PhD qualifications, these courses tend to allow greater academic independence.
  3. Professional courses – which enable entry into a given profession, e.g. PGCE for teaching.

Why Postgraduate Study?

The reasons people chose to do postgraduate study vary hugely. It is important to consider why you want to continue your studies and what motivates you:

  • Is postgraduate study needed to move into your chosen career?
  • Does postgraduate study allow you to change career path?
  • Do you love the subject and just want to study it in more depth?
  • Do you enjoy being at University and want to stay longer?
  • Will postgraduate study abroad gain you international experience?
  • Are you not sure of the jobs market?

What are the benefits?

A postgraduate qualification is an excellent way to enhance your prospects – whether that is within academia, within your chosen career, or to enable you to change career paths.

For some a postgraduate qualification is a necessary career step. For others it is the chance to grow and develop ideas and interests.

Is funding available?

There are many funding options available for postgraduate study. Your best bet is to contact the University that you are interested in for the options they have available for that course.

What next? Postgraduate study in the south west.

If you are looking to continue your studies the best way to find out which options suit you is to attend a Postgraduate Open Day.

If you stay in the south west or go further afield for your postgraduate study, don’t forget to come back to Gradsouthwest to find a job when you finish!

Are you a course provider advertising Postgraduate study?

We can help you to reach finalists and recent graduates! Find out more about how we can help promote your postgraduate programmes and open days.