How social media can get you the employee / job you’ve always wanted…

Thursday, September 3, 2015
When we asked our graduates and employers about social media usage we came up with a few differences of opinion that are worth sharing. Firstly, most of our employers are using Twitter and LinkedIn to look for new staff; whereas most of our students and graduates are using Facebook to look for jobs! If you’re not looking in the same place you won’t find each other… that’s why Gradsouthwest use all three :-)

Both recruiters and job seekers now actively search out information on-line about the other… This is now a given, so clean up your profile and make it reflect how you’d want to be seen.

Job seekers – more employers are using social media then ever before to screen prospective employees.  Before sending that post you should really ask yourself “Do I really want my (future) employer to see that?” This means cleaning up your image and making yourself look professional and employable.

Recruiters – similarly, prospective employees know more about your business than ever before.  Job seekers will have checked your website, but also your corporate social media posts – or lack of them. This means making your company look like a great place to work. Your social media activity really does give prospective employees a flavour of your company culture, so make the most of it to recruit staff who match your aspirations.

Other social media tools, like instagram and snapchap, have yet to make it into recruitment mainstream, but with regular new social media arrivals we are always looking at how we can help you find each other!

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Deborah Watson, Director, Gradsouthwest Ltd.